As the former President of a Home Owners Association in the East Valley, I worked very closely with PMG Services. We were forced to terminate a previous management company because of their ineptitude and lack of follow-through.

Switching over to PMG was an immediate success. The professionalism of everyone on the PMG team helped our HOA get back on track and in fiscal order again.

I highly recommend PMG. Their staff are knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. It makes our jobs as members of the Board of Directors so much easier having a strong company such as PMG standing behind us.

HOA Board President
I know that you and your organization gets bombarded with complaints and requests from our community. I have been guilty myself. However, I would just like say thanks to you, PMG, and the current board that are collectively doing an excellent job. I was first ecstatic about my disaster parking lot finally being fixed. Then, after I don’t know how many years, the grass turned green. And now, after 26 years, the painting has put the icing on the cake! Thanks again to all involved for the fantastic job being done around here.
Phoenix condominium homeowner
I’m a homeowner for over 21 years now. I want to thank you and everybody at your management company for doing an outstanding job. Not only are you keeping everyone informed, but also react to issues immediately. Never in the 21 years has any other management co. done such a great job. And believe me, we had plenty. Please pass this on to everyone on your team. It is important for me to let all of you know the good you are doing.
Phoenix condominium homeowner
I just wanted to let you know that shortly after getting off the phone with you, HomeWiseDocs released the documents and I was able to get everything over to the lender in time. I just wanted to thank you for your above and beyond service. You were the ultimate professional and I appreciate every effort made to get this handled. Taking the time while out of the office on business was amazing and we are truly grateful for your dedication to helping the client. I hope you have an amazing day and wonderful rest of your trip. Thank you again!!
PMG business partner