HOA Guide to Fees and Assessments Charged in a Planned Community

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Over 370,000 homeowner associations (HOAs) exist in the United States. Arizona alone has over 9,000 HOAs with hundreds of thousands of residents. Millions more people reside in households within HOAs. There are several benefits to living in an HOA community. They include enhanced property values, mediating any neighborly disputes, access to quality amenities, and plenty more. However,

Homeowners Won’t Pay Dues? Here’s What an HOA Can Do!

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1 in 5 Americans has a chance of ending up in a home that has homeowner's fees. HOA dues vary widely, with a 2015 average of around $300 nationally but almost $600 in NYC. HOA assessments help to keep communities cohesive and clean. What happens when homeowners won't pay them, though? Keep reading to learn all about HOA