Fostering Relationships Building Communities

On behalf of the board, PMG Services communicates with the owners, implements association policies and procedures, maintains association records, coordinates board and annual meetings, procures insurance, and more.

The community manager ensures that administering of all activities is in accordance with the community rules, policies and procedures, governing documents, and in conjunction with the current applicable laws.

A Higher Standard of Service

  • Attend and prepare for Board and Community Meetings
  • Conduct annual meetings: prepare ballots and amendment provisions
  • Oversee voting and facility arrangements
  • Facilitate liability and directors and officers insurance coverage at best market rates
  • Provide guidance in establishing Policies, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines
  • Review and comprehension of the governing documents
  • Receive and respond to client inquiries and writtenconcerns
  • Implement architectural and community standards through regular reviews of the community
  • Provide contract negotiation services
  • Extend welcome communication to new owners
  • Maintain live 24-hour emergency response telephone number
  • Provide professional resources through educational seminars, conferences and association trends

Contractual Supervision

  • Maintain high standards of common area maintenance through consistent communication with all association vendors
  • Supervise all subcontractors for contractual adherence and response to specific issues
  • Perform regularly scheduled onsite reviews