What is the purpose of casino sites?

fastpay casino bonus codesEver wonder why casino sites are created that you go to to read reviews of operators, pokies, learn the news, or leave a complaint. The question is why there are casino sites and forums about casinos and what they are dedicated to? Ever wonder why there are casino sites that you visit to read operator reviews, gaming machines, to read the news or to leave a complaint? Such resources make money from affiliate programs of casinos. The same do streamers, showing their game live. Learn more about how streamers make money here. When you visit sites about the casino, you can follow a link to the site of your interest operator. This link is an affiliate link. She casino can tell exactly where you came from, as the link is unique to each affiliate. Further, if you register and play, the site that sent you to this casino, gets a portion of the profits the operator has received from you. That is, a portion of what you lose. Don't worry, your chances of winning or losing will not be affected. You can directly enter the casino's address, and then 100% of what you lose will go to the casino. But it will not make you get more payouts. What is the benefit to the punter? The system of affiliate programs is widespread on the Internet. You may not realize yourself that you are helping different webmasters to earn. You just followed a link to the store and bought something - the webmaster will get money. Clicked on an advertisement - the webmaster will get money. At the same time, you never lose anything, and maybe even win. For example, using the site's exclusive offers. In casinos, these are often special offers and bonus codes that punters can use to get more lucrative bonuses. Why are there so few normal Russian sites about the casino? If the site is really good, it's not a shame to follow a link and read the offers, buy something or register somewhere. But why are there so few normal sites about casinos? And this problem is not observed in English-language resources, but the Russian language is much sadder. On this topic, the casino for VIP punters. What are the benefits and how to get this status? The fact that Roskomnadzor (RCN) blocks sites about the casino. And now it's done quite actively, so that sites simply do not have time to develop. You constantly need to change domains, promote new mirrors. It's all tedious and discourages improvement of a resource, especially considering that webmasters often do not work as a team, one by one, and have to do everything by themselves. All the webmaster's efforts are aimed at making the site more visible to readers, promotion in search engines, for example. But when you become visible, the RCN also finds you.fastpay casino no deposit bonus The reasoning behind why casino sites are blocked by Roskomnadzor can be found in this article. The gem of the article
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