The end of the world or zombie plagues: the most bizarre bets of bookmakers

Betting is usually associated with sporting events. But bets can sometimes have funny, bizarre or even morbid features. In some betting shops you can bet on the end of the world, on the death of prominent figures or on the discovery of evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Betting on Armageddon.

Critics might now say that it doesn't make much sense to bet on the end of the world. After all, a player cannot enjoy his winnings if he is destroyed along with the entire planet. On the site you can bet on sports as well as on more bizarre events.

However, it is possible to bet on Armageddon. A $100 bet at a Paddy Power bookmaker could bring players $50,000 in 2018.

The offer came at a time when then-U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were at odds and rattling nuclear swords.

But the world didn't end a year later, so Paddy Power withdrew its Apocalypse betting offer. However, it is unknown if such bets are being offered now, especially since Russian President Putin's hand is hovering over the nuclear missile button.

The arrival of aliens and zombie plagues

A number of unusual bets were also offered by the gambling operator 888. The bookmaker's office has made a name for itself on betting on the zombie invasion. Players risking $100 have a chance to win $100,000 if the zombies show up first.

Even alien invasion missions were supposed to be possible. A wager of $100 was supposed to bring a payout of $50,000 when the first spaceship landed on Earth.

While it may seem strange for mere mortals to bet on the arrival of aliens, there are more and more voices convinced of their existence.

There are U.S. intelligence publications describing mysterious flying objects that have crossed military airspace. According to the New York Post, an Israeli space expert also commented on the subject as follows:

Aliens have asked not to announce their presence [because] humanity is not yet ready.

Betting on the deaths of famous people

Betting enthusiasts also have the opportunity to bet on the deaths of famous people. Although these types of bets are not found on traditional betting sites, they are widespread.

There are portals designed specifically for this purpose, such as Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool (DSCDP). While there are no real-money betting options, players are expected to organize this in their private leagues.

In response to criticism of his betting portal, the DSCDP founder explained in an interview with Yahoo Finance:

Of course, some people may find it painful and disrespectful. Nevertheless, I have seen friends find it painful at first and then get enthusiastic about the idea and play it. Morbid curiosity is a powerful thing.

DSCDP is played on a point system. There are even extra points for those players who predict the exact path of death, such as a car accident or heart attack. "Disease of the Month" is also announced each month. If a celebrity dies of this disease, the player receives 25 bonus points. More news from the world of sports betting read the link.