and Kansino spent the most money on gambling advertisements

The online gaming market opened its doors at the beginning of October 2021 and since then the legal providers have been very active in marketing. The research firm Nielsen came out with extraordinary statistics. A survey revealed that spent just under 19 million euros on gambling advertisements, while Kansino follows closely behind with around 18 million euros.


TOTO and Holland Casino Online switch back

The market opened last October and the gaming providers immediately decided to broadcast a large number of gambling advertisements. The aim of the advertisements was to immediately gain a large market share. This resulted in a profusion of gambling advertisements on television and in bus shelters. Holland Casino Online and TOTO spent by far the most money on promotions in the first month. TOTO purchased over four million euros worth of advertisements, while Holland Casino Online spent a total of 3.7 million euros in the month of October. One month later, the two gambling providers again spent the most money. Not the most money was spent on telling how to play teen patti.

The enormous amount of gambling advertisements caused a lot of resistance and media pressure. Even politicians became involved in the issue. Hence, TOTO and Holland Casino Online decided to broadcast fewer gambling advertisements. However, this was not the case for the other legal online casinos. and Kansino, on the contrary, decided to spend more money. (18.9 million euros) and Kansino (17.9 million euros) spent the most money on advertisements. TOTO and Holland Casino Online both spent around 14 million euros. The Fair Play Casino Online and Tombola both spent around 10 million euros on gambling advertisements. spends 18.9 million euros managed to put itself on the map with 75,666 gambling advertisements and that number is still rising. Remarkably, opts for expensive advertisements, for example in commercial blocks during popular television programs. Recently, the casino launched a new advertisement without role models, but with references to the previous advertisement. spent 18,975,550 euros on gambling advertisements. This has had such an effect, because recently the gambling company was sold to Entain for at least 300 million euros. In the month of April, spent an amount of 3.5 million euros on gambling advertisements. There was also a brief period of advertising in the well-known weekly and monthly magazines, but this proved unsuccessful.

Kansino spends just under 18 million euros

Kansino was also one of the first legal gambling providers in the Netherlands. Unlike, the company focuses exclusively on casino games. Kansino spent 17,934,291 euros on gambling advertisements and the advertisements appeared 334,979 times on television and online.


In the first months, Kansino still spent relatively little money on advertisements, at least compared to its competitors. This changed in early 2022, as around 3.5 million euros were spent in the first month of the year. In addition, a lot was spent on outdoor advertisements, for example in bus shelters. In the month of March, Kansino was also clearly present on the radio. Kansino also recently announced that it is the new main sponsor of AZ soccer club.

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